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DJ BrainDeaD

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BrainDeaD (Chen Tochner) is regarded as one of the leading DJs and producers on the Israeli music scene. 

In 2001, BrainDead debuted as a spotlighted turntablist at Israel’s underground clubs.
In 2002, he broke out on the Israeli hip-hop scene, and in 2004 got under the public skin with his official remix to “Ha-Sod” (“The Secret”) which became the most widely played remix in the Israeli club scene nationwide. Following this landslide success, BrainDead was snatched up to Israel’s most influential hip-hop ensemble, Subliminal and the T.A.C.T. family, where he earned the coveted title of official DJ and remixer.
Soon afterward, at the tender age of 21, he rose to become one of Israel’s most sought-after producers, remixing and churning out original scores for leading Israeli artists.
Owing to his unique style, on his way to the top, BrainDead achieved professional recognition in four of Israel’s highly-prestigious Dj championships, landing 1st place in four of them.
Riding on waves of success in Israel, BrainDead branched out to globally-reputed greats, collaborating with many, including Tony Touch, Seany B, Anggun, Matt Pokora, and Wyclef Jean. 
In 2010, BrainDead decided to get back to his roots - electronic music - and began to produce original tracks and remixes in house, dubstep and breakbeat styles. These productions, combined with his unrivaled turntable technique , catapulted him to official precentorship for Pioneer (Israel) Ltd. and 50 Cent’s SMS Audio Company.
On the international scene, BrainDead has performed at highly-reputed clubs around the world, including House of Blues (San Diego, California), Tao (Las Vegas), Avalon (Los Angeles), Highline Ballroom (New York) and Al-Qatar (Mexico).
BrainDeaD started releasing his original tracks in 2013 while getting massive support from world class Dj's around the globe.


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